Kerry & Bert

Previously I posted some images showing off the energy and excitement of one of my favorite receptions– Now you’ll get a chance to meet the happy couple.


For any past grooms out there, this should remind you of that moment before the ceremony. You know what I mean, the “alright, let’s do it” moment.


Heavenly Witness

I just love this shot– and I will rarely say that about my own work. For me it’s a beautiful manifestation of the mutually divine and human event taking place during the ceremony— I especially love how the saints are overlooking the altar…

blog heavenly witness

Rockin’ out

This had to be one of the craziest receptions I’ve been to in awhile. People did not stop dancing, if you plucked the string of a guitar the floor would be instantly full of people. Photos soon to come of the beautiful bride and her husband, but first some fun shots of the band:


Jen & Mike

Apologize for the hiatus, returned from a visit back home. For your viewing pleasure I would like to introduce you to Jen & Mike– they are one of those young, enthusiastic, and in-love couples that make my job worthwhile. The weather was cloudy, rainy, and chilly– but that really only served to contrast and exhibit the life, love, and friendship that surrounded them on their special day.