Rain on your Wedding Day

The New Jersey weather hasn’t been the kindest this past season, namely due to rain on the wedding day. Despite this, you can always get outside and make the best of it. And in some cases the results are one-of-a-kind…

Megan and Rob at the Manor

I had the pleasure of photographing this duo back in NYC for their¬†engagements, check them out here. Despite a rainy day, nothing could halt the bliss for these guys at The Manor in West Orange, NJ. Just goes to show, it’s not the weather which makes the photo, it’s the couple.

5 am photo shoot

My daughter is convinced her best light is the first sign of the sun rising. Never been happier to wake up to a smiling beauty.

… she quickly realizes modeling is hard work

Downtown Philadelphia

These lovebirds were naturals– had an amazing time them. We stopped by City Hall, Love Park, Logan Square, and the Museum of Art. Sorry New York, but Philly is my favorite city to shoot in.