SOOC (straight out of camera)

A common photography lingo you’ll see on forums is ‘sooc’, or straight-out-of-camera. Sometimes, there are photographs that just cannot be touched in post-processing. It’s pretty difficult to refrain, even from that small touch of contrast or controlled saturation. Here is a quick glance at Jen and Mike, recently married, and how the camera sensor captured them exactly…


And for the photographers out there this was shot RAW on the Canon 5d Mk II

1 minute reception

If you’ve ever wondered what all the photos from one of my cameras looks like, here’s your chance. I’ve always had fun flying through my catalogs and every-once-in-awhile being presented with a ‘flashback movie’. The choice of audio was pretty random, I was not in Paris, nor was the couple from there, but it sure is fun! *P.S. You’ll need Quicktime installed…¬†Enjoy~

A glance from San Juan, Puerto Rico

I wanted to put up some real quick shots from a recent wedding in Puerto Rico. Full details in the next post, but check out some of my favorites…





Stacey and I recently took a trip to Niagara Falls. One of my favorite parts was the ultra-tourist attraction: the Maid of the Mist. The whole country-side was pretty much a photographer’s playground, enjoy!


You’ll notice Stacey donning a rain jacket as we prepare to face the fury of the falls.

niagara comp-01-01

We also stopped by one of the local vineyards where I grabbed a fun shot of Stace…


Ok, you caught me… I just wanted to introduce you to my lovely wife

Monica & Ryan – Long Branch, NJ

Welcome to the first entry on the long overdue Daniel J Photography Blog! I thought it would be fitting to post a recent beautiful June wedding on the Jersey Shore. Naturally, the first entry is going to be packed.

Monica & Ryan, you were a terrific couple and I couldn’t have asked for a better first entry. Thank you for the privilege of capturing your wedding!