Emerge Photo Contest!

Recently DJP was selected as an up-and-coming photographer in the industry! If you pick up the lastest issue of Rangefinder magazine, you’ll see yours truly placing in the preparations category.
What the judges had to say:

-“we couldn’t be more pleased with the caliber of wedding photography that we saw in this initial contest,” said J Sandifer, wedding development manager for livebooks. “this competition was created to recognize up-and-coming photographers and arm them with the tools and exposure they need to grow their businesses.”
-“the competition was fierce,” said the Knot‘s wedding photo editor Rebecca Crumley, who served as a judge of this year’s competition alongside world-renowned, celebrity wedding photographer Joe Buissink. “we were truly impressed with the caliber of wedding photography we saw and we hope emerging professionals will continue to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to showcase their work.”

Thank you to all the sponsors for your support!

If you’d like to see my submission to the contest, check it out!