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Rockin’ out

This had to be one of the craziest receptions I’ve been to in awhile. People did not stop dancing, if you plucked the string of a guitar the floor would be instantly full of people. Photos soon to come of the beautiful bride and her husband, but first some fun shots of the band:

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Busy Busy

I’m burning through the last shots from some recent weddings. This photo keeps jumping out at me– I love how well it portrays the bride & groom. They were so relaxed the whole day and just let the good times roll…

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1 minute reception

If you’ve ever wondered what all the photos from one of my cameras looks like, here’s your chance. I’ve always had fun flying through my catalogs and every-once-in-awhile being presented with a ‘flashback movie’. The choice of audio was pretty random, I was not in Paris, nor was the couple from there, but it sure […]

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